Shooting Video with the Camera App

When shooting video with an iPad\/ iPhone, position the device in landscape mode before pressing the red record button. If you start filming in portrait mode and then rotate the iPad\/ iPhone to landscape mode, your footage will not rotate.

  1. Slide the slide to unlock text at the bottom of the screen to access iOS.

  2. In iOS, tap the Camera app.

  3. In the Camera app, select Video to set it as the capture mode.

  4. Position the iPad\/ iPhone in landscape mode.

  5. To focus the iPad\/ iPhone on a particular person or object, tap that area of the screen.

  6. To zoom in or zoom out, touch the screen with two fingers and pinch expand the viewing area. You can also do this using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Tap the red record button to begin filming. When finished, tap the red record button again. All of your footage will automatically save to the Photos app.

  8. To exit the Camera app, press the Home button on the iPad\/ iPhone.

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