Copying Media Files from an iPad/ iPhone to Your Project Folder

  1. Connect to your class folder using JAMS Lab or CCL Mac.

  2. Using the iPad\/ iPhone USB cable, connect your iPad\/ iPhone to the back of the Mac.

  3. If you use a passcode to protect your iPad\/ iPhone, you will need to enter it on the device.

  4. On your iPad\/ iPhone, you will be prompted with a Trust This Computer? dialog box. Tap Trust.

  5. On the Mac, iPhoto will open. Do not use iPhoto to manage your media files. Close iPhoto.

  6. On the Mac, click the Desktop to enter Finder mode. In the menu bar, click Go and select Applications.

  7. In Applications, open Image Capture.

  8. Open a Finder window and navigate to your project folder.

  9. In Image Capture, select the media files you want to copy into your project folder. Press and hold the Command key to select multiple media files.

  10. Click and drag the media files into your project folder.

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